Gewichtssätze in versch. Materialien (Eisen,Messing,Edelstahl) und Genauigkeiten

Weight sets are ideal for detailed testing and adjustment of digital scales. They may represent any conceivable weight with different denominations, e.g. in 100g increments up to 1kg.

This is the only way to determine the linearity of a balance over the entire measuring range and to check whether a balance in the lower measuring range has a greater error than in the upper range.

Differences iron / stainless steel:
The iron weights are significantly cheaper and manufactured with a weight tolerance that complies with the OIML directive.
But those are NOT official OIML weights. It is not possible to get those certified by the Weights and Measures Department (required if you use the weights for example on your market scale).
But, if you just want to use the weights to test and calibrate a household scale you just need an accurate weight, not a certified with a stamp on it.

If you use the weights in your business: For all the stainless steel weights we can get you a DAkkS certificate (optional and available on request).

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