Plateframe Scales

"Platform scale" is our term for all models where the display is separated from the weighing surface. If you weigh packages or other very large and heavy items, G & G offers a wide range of suitable models. From models with fine 0.1 g increments up to 600 kg capacity, we can offer you the right model in numerous variants and price ranges. Pefect for weighing 1 or 1000 parcels each day, a box with 500kg inside or if you want to measure your pets and yourself on a scale that is much more accurate than a cheap bathroom scale.
Budget Plate Frame Scales

Price range: 30 € - 60 € Our platform scales like the...

Mid price range

Pricerange: 50€ - 150 € The medium price range...

Professional and industrial scales

Price range: Starting at 160 EUR. Like all TC scales, the...

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