Price range: €50 - €150

The middle price range are scales that are designed for daily use. All models can be operated with battery or main power supply. If necessary, you can adjust the automatic switch-off or disable it completely.
The vibration filter and the sensitivity can also be changed, for a weight determination that is as accurate and slow as possible over several seconds (e.g. for weighing animals: Small movements are filtered out) or for a very fast reaction when adding the smallest components when mixing)

The scales are divided into two areas:

Inexpensive versions with 4 load cells: One per foot, installed in the PSB, DJ-SA & DJ-SB series. These scales require a non-yielding, hard and level surface so that the weight can be distributed over the 4 sensors. The advantage is the lower price and the lower overall height.

Scales that have a stable load cell in the middle (PSE & DJ-KL) can be used anywhere, even on soft floors such as carpets or uneven surfaces (paving stones, gravel, ...). These scales are significantly more reliable, simply because the risk of a sensor failure in scales with 4 small load cells is also 4 times greater than in scales in which only a single, large and stable load cell is installed.


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