G&G PSA Plattformwaagen, 1g Ablesbarkeit, verschiedene Kapazitäten mit 30kg/50kg/60kg/75kg/100kg

PSA series: Compact digital platform scales

Available in different versions. The basic structure with the display and the platform housing is always identical, but equipped with different load cells, depending on the maximum capacity required.

PSA30: This scale has a fine measuring range for small loads below 3kg. Here the scale can weigh in very precise 0.1g measurement steps. If you place more weight, it will switch to 1g steps and continue measuring up to a total of 30kg.
Minimum weight: 1g

PSA50: Up to a maximum of 50kg in 1g increments. Minimum weight: 10g

PSA75: Up to a maximum of 75kg in 1g increments. Minimum weight: 10g

PSA100: Up to max. 100kg in 1g increments. Minimum weight: 10g

Model / measuring range 
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