KF Küchenwaagen, verschiedene Modelle bis 10kg, ab 0,01g Genauigkeit (kleine Version) KF6000A: 0,1g/0,2g/0,5g/1g bis 6kg




KF6000A: Our first household scale with 4 measuring ranges.
Very fine and exactly in the area where it counts with a 6kg capacity
From 1g - 600g in 0.1g steps
From 600g - 1200g in 0.2g steps
From 1200g - 3000g in 0.5g steps
From 3000g - 6000g in 1g steps

KF3000: The even more accurate alternative:
Always very fine and precise, with a 3kg capacity.
From 1g - 3000g in 0.1g steps

KF501A: Fine balance with round weighing surface
From 0.1g - 500g in 0.01g increments

KF10K: With the largest measuring range, recommended if no fine range is required.
From 10g - 10,000g in 1g steps


28,99 EUR
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