LTZ Spring Scales + Newton Meter

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Measuring principle of a spring balance:

A spring scale or spring balance works on the principle by Hooke`s Law. Without load on the scale, the spring is in its rest position. If a force is extending the spring, the distance that spring is extended is proportional to the force.

Or simplified:
The stronger the force, the longer the spring (until the dimensions of the metal housing prevent it from overstretching).

For the spring, it does not matter which kind of force is used. If you hold the scale vertically and hang something on the hook, the "force of gravity" pulls down the weight.
You can read this "weight force" as "kg" on the scale.

The unit Newton (N) is shown next to the weight scale. This scale helps you to determine up to how many Nm you can load a rope without breaking it. Also in horizontal position during experiments at school LTZ scales can determine at how many Nm of tension an object moves. All the scale needs is a physical force that pulls a spring apart, you don't need batteries and there is no sensitive electronics.

This also makes the LTZ ideal when traveling (luggage, fishing...).

The thickness of the springs steel determines how much force is required to extend it for a certain distance. The thicker the steel, the heavier the weight of the scale itself will be. We offer the LTZ in different versions with a measuring range of 1kg / 10Nm up to 100kg / 1000Nm (each the entire measuring range on the reading scale).

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Scope of delivery:
- 1 x LTZ spring scale in the chosen version

Capacity: 10N - 1000N (1kg - 100kg)

Simplicity and local independence make spring scales a popular and often used measuring instrument.

A spring scale shows the force value (extension) on the scale in N (Newton) on the left and in kg on the right site.
Both scales and the lettering are milled into the afterwards fully chrome plated metal housing and additionally painted red. 
Adjustable zero point adjustment, hanging ring, load hook and extremely stable design ensure a long service life.

Accuracy class / tolerance:
The tolerance of the scales is + -2% Qmax (the maximum capacity).


Model - capacity in kg Diameter
Scale-steps Own weight(kg)
LTZ-100 50 455 1000 N 2kg/20 N 2,4
LTZ-50 50 455 500 N 1kg/10 N 2,4
LTZ-30 38 340 300 N 500g/10 N 0,92
LTZ-20 32 340 200 N 400g/4 N 0,7
LTZ-10 25 340 100 N 200g/2 N 0,48
LTZ-5 22 280 50 N 100g/1 N 0,28
LTZ-3 22 280 30 N 50g/0,5 N 0,28
LTZ-2 22 280 20 N 40g/0,4 N 0,28
LTZ-1 22 280 10 N 20g/0,2 N 0,28