DZD DJ-BF 0,0001g Analytical Balance with automatic internal calibration

Digital laboratory balance with force compensation sensor and automatic adjustment:
An adjustment device is installed in the interior of the scale, which triggers an automatic adjustment if the ambient conditions change or after 3 hours at the latest.
This guarantees reproducible and reliable results.


Performance: Depending on the selected version with a capacity of 120g, 220g or 320g. Readability in 0.0001g steps (0.1 mg). Minimum weight required: Only 0.002g (2mg). Settling time: <4 seconds


Design: Stable housing, glass draft shield, 230V power connection, removable 90mm weighing surface, LCD display, weight display in 7 units (g, oz, ozt, gn, dwt, lb), RS232 data interface

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